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Bathroom Renovation and remodelling service

Renovating or remodelling your bathroom instantly increases your property’s value while providing you with a much nicer space to use. Design experts recommend that you update your bathroom’s look every five years as this is the average time that fixtures tend to encounter issues. Aesthetics also change every so often, so it’s nice to have a bathroom that’s visually pleasing and in line with interior trends.

A fresh update to your bathroom is an excellent investment, especially if you plan to sell in the future. Homes that have renovated bathrooms are priced higher and tend to sell faster than those with outdated spaces. In addition, remodelling your bathroom every now and then will allow you to replace out-of-date fixtures and pipes to prevent any issue from occurring in the future.

One’s bathroom is a place of refuge for many and is a great place to destress and decompress. This is why how it looks and its ease of use are both important. If you find that you longer find comfort in this space, perhaps it’s time to renovate.

Why Capable?

In addition to being experienced in different kinds of bathroom renovations, all of our designs are customized to meet your specific requirements. Before we execute any project, we produce a computer-generated model of your finished space so that you can easily visualize how everything will look before it is done. Capable Group is also a one-stop shop when it comes to bathroom remodelling work (or any other type of household remodelling project), so there’s no need to stress over looking for different providers to complete your space. We have everything in our team to deliver the design you want.

Our Process

At Capable Group, we start by scheduling a meeting with you to discuss your bathroom renovation needs. You may bring photos of your existing space or a copy of the blueprint for the area for us to assess feasibility. We then set a time and date for our design experts to conduct an ocular inspection of your bathroom to see the current state of the bathroom ourselves and provide a more accurate assessment. Do you have a design peg from another person's home or a magazine? Feel free to bring these to our meeting to find ways to apply these visuals to your new space. Once we have drafted a design and you have approved them and paid the down payment, we can begin the bathroom remodelling process. Our team will work very closely with you to ensure that your design vision is executed as much as possible. We provide ample lead time before the remodelling work begins so that your household can also prepare for our team's arrival.
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We are the Best

Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom or to have a new one built, Capable Group's experienced bathroom contractors will deliver the design you want while staying with the budget. All our remodelling specialists have the right tools and skills to handle any bathroom renovation project and continue to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to ensure that we deliver the best value for your investment. Unlike other bathroom renovation providers, we offer our time and assistance from start to finish. We will work very closely with you throughout the design and completion phases so that you are happy and satisfied with the results.
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Our Benefits

The most significant benefit to working with us is our commitment to providing high-quality service at the speed you want and your comfortable budget. While we deliver the best quality work possible, we are also careful about meeting your personal and financial limitations. Bathroom renovations do require a significant investment. We aim to deliver the highest-quality remodelling work without making further dents on your investment.

Awward Winning

Why Choose Us?

Capable Group is a leading provider of bathroom, kitchen, and general home renovation and remodelling services in the Greater Toronto Area. We have over 10 in plumbing experience and more than 12 in renovations. We have provided custom bathroom remodelling services to different locations around Toronto and for a wide range of properties, including small condos, offices, buildings, and entire homes. Our mission is to provide the best bathroom renovation service at a price point that you are comfortable with.

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Capable Group takes pride in delivering home renovation work that clients relate to and love.

How to Choose a Bathroom Design

The first and most important part of designing your bathroom is to decide on your layout. Start with where your toilet will be positioned (and where the soil pipe will be), and then work from there. In terms of finishing, it’s recommended that you choose the same finish for all your hardware to create a cohesive look. A timeless design is also a good option, so you won’t have to always keep up with interior design trends, but if you prefer a more eclectic and out-of-the-box look, you can definitely do so.

It’s best to discuss all your design choices with your bathroom remodeler so they can suggest the best and most feasible ways to execute your vision. The designer can recommend practical ways to bring your ideas to reality while ensuring that all fixtures, appliances, and pipework are aligned.

If you’re not sure about your design preference, there are plenty of magazines and online resources that you can use as your peg. Simply show it to your contractor to see if such will work with your existing bathroom space.

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Bathroom Renovation Costs

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom? The answer to this question varies, depending on how much work will be made, the materials used, and any add-ons (like additional fixtures and furnishings). In general, the cost of bathroom remodelling would be around $11,500, ranging from $10,000 for renovating a small space to $30,000 for large areas.

Our team at Capable Group will give you a quote according to your design specifications. But just to give you an idea of how much it would cost in Canada, here are some of the average amounts for installing or renovating different parts of the bathroom:

  • Sinks: $1,500 to $2,500
  • Toilets: $350 to $500
  • Bathtubs: $2,600 to $4200
  • Cabinets: $4,700 to $7,000
  • Lighting: $1,100 to $1,700
  • Counters: $2,800 to $4,100
  • Showers: $3,000 to $5,000
  • Flooring: $2,500 to $4,000

For a master bathroom, which will likely be bigger and have more and fancier features, prepare around $15,000 for a comprehensive renovation job and as much as $50,000 for a total overhaul. For a small bathroom, minimal renovations could cost approximately $1,000 to $5,000 (one toilet could cost around $300), but if you want a complete change to your small bathroom, then be ready to shell out around $15,000.

Again, the cost of renovating a bathroom depends on the scope of work, materials, and labour it takes to get the project done. Our team at Capable Group will discuss all details with you so we can agree on pricing that makes perfect sense.

Bathroom Renovation FAQs

It usually takes us 23 days to remodel a full bathroom, provided there are no changes requested in the middle of renovation work. This excludes weekend work. Once we discuss your design and specifications with you, we will provide you with a project timeline that’s in line with the work that you want to be done.
There is no need to apply for a permit for bathroom renovations if you’re in Toronto. However, if the space is a new addition to your home, you will need to secure a permit. We can assist you with this process so you can sit back and relax.
This depends on the current state of your flooring and the weight of the tiles that you want to place over them. We have years of experience dealing with different types of bathroom flooring, so you can rest assured that, given favourable conditions, we can get this done seamlessly.

Yes, you can, and we can help you get this done with ease. There are a few options that we recommend to improve the heating situation in your bathroom. Here are some of them:

  • Install electrically powered heated coils and tubing under your flooring
  • Install a heat lamp (recommended for bathrooms with standard-height ceilings)
  • Install a heated towel rail (there are plug-in options available)

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