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Benefits of a Home Addition

There are plenty of benefits to a home addition project. Aside from creating more space, a home addition allows you to accommodate a growing family and to increase your property’s value should you decide to sell in the future. Adding space to your existing home rids you of the financial cost of having to move to a larger house just to meet your area requirements. Let’s break down the benefits of a home addition and why it makes sense for you to invest in it.

A home addition increases your property’s value

Adding more space to your existing home can increase its value if you play your cards right. While more space does not always mean a higher resale price, what you do with that newfound floor area matters. To ensure that you get things done right with your home addition project, be sure to consult professionals and work only with trusted contractors. You might also want to ask your local realtor to learn more about what additional space can do for a property that’s located in your area.

A home addition gives you a wider space

This is a given because that’s what a home addition technically does: create more space or introduce a new area that you and your family can use for whatever purpose. Do you want to build a dedicated home office, expand your kitchen, create a new bedroom, make a covered deck, or introduce new elements to your bathroom? A home addition opens up a world of possibilities.

A home addition allows you to house more family members

If your family is growing or you have parents or in-laws moving in soon, it only makes sense to build more space for your home to keep everyone comfortable. If your space allows, you can build an entirely new bedroom with a full bathroom. You can keep that space open for when guests come to visit, as well.

You can create a home addition to rent out for extra income

You can build an extension room or space to rent out for additional income. You can extend your home to build a new bedroom with a bathroom or a bare space that might potentially be for commercial use, depending on your location. Renting out space can also make up for the cost of building it while providing you with a steady source of income per month.

A home addition is a lot cheaper than moving to a new house

No matter what type of home extension you make on your property, it will always be a lot cheaper than packing up and buying a bigger house. That’s not to mention all the stress and trouble of reorganizing everything, hiring moving companies, packing and unpacking, and all sorts of physical and emotional adjustments. Home additions typically only take two weeks to a month, which is a small price to pay for having extra room for movement when it’s done.

Home Addition Process

At Capable Group, we work to design and build the home that you need. Here’s how we work:

Phone call

We set up an appointment for a short phone call where we can talk about your home addition needs and your existing property to quickly evaluate what we can work with. After this call, we will then decide when to have our face-to-face meeting. If we are unable to deliver the type of home addition project you have in mind, we can assist in finding you another builder that we also trust.


During the initial meeting, we will discuss your priorities, goals, ideas, and vision for your home addition project. It is during this time, too, when we discuss budget and timing concerns. Our team will lay out our process and present different options on how to best move forward with your project. This meeting typically takes about an hour. If you decide to push through with working with our team, we can agree to sign a design agreement. If you don't think it's the right fit, it's perfectly all right to say so.


Once you have signed the agreement, we then proceed to create the conceptual design for your home. Our design team will liaise closely with you on this phase, making sure that all your ideas are incorporated into the practical applications for the home addition. The goal of this process is to create a plan that fits into your design preference and budget.


When you approve the conceptual design, we get started on design development. In this phase, our team will refine the design until you are satisfied with the result. We then submit the final layout and look for zoning review with the city government, and to our suppliers for pricing.

Plan and conduct

The city or town will then view the plan and conduct a zoning review to determine the project's feasibility according to the local building codes and other relevant laws.


When our suppliers' pricing details come in, we can now list the full scope of work and determine a fixed quotation for your home addition project.

Construction agreement

When you're happy with the plan and agree with the quotation, we then sign the construction agreement. We then determine a tentative start date and assign a dedicated manager to oversee your home addition project. If it requires a building permit, we can take care of that too. When all the paperwork has been accomplished, we then begin construction.


Once we've built your home addition, we will have a walk-through of the entire space to see if there's anything that needs to be corrected or improved. We offer a two-year warranty on our home addition work, covering all areas of the job performed.

Our Company

Capable Group is a leading provider of bathroom, kitchen, and general home renovation and remodelling services in the Greater Toronto Area. We have over 12 years in renovations. We have provided custom remodelling services to different locations around Toronto and for a wide range of properties, including small condos, offices, buildings, and entire homes. Our mission is to provide the best bathroom renovation service at a price point that you are comfortable with.

Types of Home Additions

There are many ways for you to add to your house. The most common types of home additions include the following:
  1. Bump-out additions
Also known as side additions or build-outs, a bump-out addition is an extra space built without having to move out of your house while construction is being done. This is when you add to your home horizontally. It the least disruptive type of home addition.
  1. Garage additions
Creating more space to house a garage brings plenty of benefits for your house’s property value, as well as your convenience and peace of mind. You can either have a detached garage or one that’s attached to your existing home as a space extension.
  1. Second level additions
This when you add to your home vertically, so you can create more space upstairs with the same amount of floor area you have on the ground. There are two general ways that second-level additions can be done: by removing the roof temporarily, adding another level, and then placing that same roof on top of the new space; or by removing the roof and installing a new one after the second level is built.
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So, How Much Does a House Addition Cost?

In Toronto, the typical cost of a house addition is $100 to $400 for every square foot, depending on the type of work that needs to be done and the materials used for the project. This can easily mean that adding a new room can cost you anywhere between $20,000 and $67,000. This total includes not just the cost of building itself but also permits and paperwork, blueprints, architectural design, soil testing, and labour.

Home Additions FAQs

In general, home addition work takes five to 10 months, again, depending on the magnitude of the work to be completed. Another factor to the length of time it takes for a home addition to finish is the weather and season you are building it.

Yes, a permit is required for all home additions in Toronto, regardless of the size of your plan. Work and drawings have to be approved by the city’s building administrator before they can move forward.

It depends on the type of home addition. If you’re doing a bump-out, then there might be no need to move out. However, if you’re adding a new floor, it only makes sense to move out temporarily until the bulk of the job is done, and the property has been certified safe for occupancy.

Yes, we do. Capable Group offers a two-year warranty on our home addition work. We also offer a warranty of up to seven years for structural work and one year for finishing.

The quick answer to this is YES, though limitations can vary depending on where you are located. Certain areas in Toronto regulate their communities for the height of the first floor, the height of the entire house (if you’re considering a second level addition), roof alterations, and more. Be sure to check your local city guidelines when it comes to home additions and renovations.

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